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September 12, 2013

Is your livery yard shaping up?

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As the rain begins and the nights draw in, will the niggles that drove you mad last winter return?

Perhaps it was the badly managed fields leading to lack of grazing, the poor quality hay, the school that constantly flooded or wasn?t floodlit well enough, the stable that leaked, or was it the lack of horse walker, nowhere to lunge, no way of getting your horse dry after washing?it off.? Perhaps it was the lack of support, tension or bad feeling with other owners,?or no-one around in the evening after work for you to talk to?

The list is endless and in our 23 years of managing Kimbers Farm Livery Centre we?ve heard many stories about livery yards not shaping up.? While it?s never possible to satisfy all the people all the time, we believe we have a lot to offer.? Our livery yard is run by experienced staff whose focus is to ensure your horse receives the very best attention and care.

We?re there when you can?t be ? whether it?s to see the vet or the farrier for you.? We?re on hand when you need to know what to do:? perhaps it?s applying a poultice, a helping hand with a difficult horse to clip, discussing a different type of feed to calm or even give your horse more energy.? We lose count of the daily questions we receive and the advice we give, but we know that it?s a very important part of our livery service.? Yes our facilities are fantastic and we have the ?wow? factor but we are much more than top show.

So our advice to you is… when looking for a livery yard … look beyond the facilities.? Turn up unannounced, talk to more than one client, visit the yard?s Facebook page to get a feel for the people you will spend time with… don?t settle for the sales patter.? As you know once the winter sets in the niggles begin so look beyond the obvious to save you the hassle and unrest later this winter.

Good luck ? hope your livery yard shapes up and if it doesn?t.. give Kimbers Farm Livery Centre, Maidenhead a call.

September 9, 2013

Winning Times for Kimbers Farm Livery Centre

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The last couple of dressage outings for the Kimbers team and clients has been fantastic.? Kerry and Minnie took 1st and 2nd in the prelim and novice tests at Smiths Lawn on 1st September 2013.? Sarah took 3rd on Lexi in the prelim only her 3rd test.

This last weekend (Saturday 7th September) at Patchetts saw both our part liveries and staff scoop another 1st, 2 x 3rds and a 7th.? Rachel achieved 62% on Tam which is no mean feat as she does get very tense so nice to see her score improving on only her 2nd time out in many months.? Trin and DC scooped two 3rds in their 1st time out.? Kerry achieved another 1st on Minnie and Amy took 7th in her first Novice on her first time out on Vasco.

Bring on the winter dressage season for the Kimbers Farm Livery Centre team.

January 25, 2013

The Kylix equine solarium

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The Kylix equine solarium was installed at Kimbers Farm Livery Centre in 2008 and we have to say of all the gadgets and gizmos we own this piece of kit is worth it?s weight in gold.

The infra red bulbs provide a warming effect that improve circulation and relax sore and tense muscles ? the effect is similar to a horse out in the sunshine? but without the harmful uv rays.? It also provides a valuable source of vitamin D (much needed in the good old British climate)which is essential for healthy joints and bones!

When we first installed the equine solarium into our purpose built area (good head clearance and ventilation) naturally horses were nervous.? It?s initially quite a daunting experience when the motor starts, the lights come on and this monster starts lowering itself from the ceiling.? We have to say though there isn?t a single horse that doesn?t absolutely love the experieence now ? many go to sleep.

The heat energy penetrates the skin and the underlying muscle and helps stimulate blood circulation. We?ve found it not only helps the natural healing process of horses with muscle injuries and sore backs but actually some horses perform better if they have a session under the solarium before exercise.

We use it daily for healing purposes, drying off horses, warming up prior to exercise, after bathing and much more.? Our only criticism is that we can?t fit all the clients in it as well ? although we have to say many have tried during this cold, snowy spell.

Thanks Kylix ? a really fabulous piece of kit that any serious livery yard simply wouldn?t be without.

May 10, 2010

DIY versus Part Livery – what is the true cost?

Filed under: Uncategorized — merchantadmin @ 2:30 pm

With the economy still at an all time low it has been a tough year for business owners like myself to keep a full or part livery yard running at fall capacity but we have definitely seen a shift in the balance of owners opting for part-livery rather than assisted DIY.? Why is this I ask myself??

We’ve had the discussion in our tackroom many times regarding whether assisted DIY is much cheaper than part livery and the pro’s and con’s of each.? There is undoubtedly a good argument for both sides but we’ve seen a number of owners now opting for part-livery over assisted DIY.? From what we’ve heard from some of our clients it seems the following doesn’t get taken into account:

  • Petrol/Diesel – 2 x trips per day
  • Inconvenience of sourcing hay, feed, shavings etc
  • Time off?for vets/farriers etc
  • Additional feed costs through winter due to turning out so early ground is still frozen
  • Poor facilities – flooded or frozen schools, no lunging facilities or badly?maintained stables/barns
  • Lack of grazing
  • Tension/bad feeling between other owners

It seems the cost savings for assisted DIY versus Part Livery are not as much as you would think but when it comes to facilities, time, peace?of mind and a good?atmosphere part livery seems to be priceless.


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